Tanglewood Spirit / Mage Knight repaint

Showcasing my latest miniature painting. Tanglewood Spirit from Mage Knight game.

My main technique here was:

  1. base-coating with a brown
  2. wash with a black ink
  3. highlight/dry-brush with same base-coating brown
  4. highlight/dry-brush with a light brown

For the fiery eyes

  1. under-coat them with 'white'
  2. paint the center with yellow
  3. paint the around the yellow with orange
  4. dry-brush around the eyes with an orange on dark under-coat

Worm/tongue was my first attempt of layering.

  1. Under coat with white
  2. Base coat with a light skin tone
  3. Thin layer with an red-pink

Tanglewood spirit 2/3 phase

Tanglewood spirit back side

Tanglewood spirit wip

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