Dwarven Fusers / Mage Knight

Mage Knight miniatures repainting. Showcasing my latest work.

After Dwarven Berserker it was time for their battle comrades, Dwarven Fusers to be repainted.

I tried to paint them as a group, which means having the same clothing (uniform). But nevertheless their 'humanly' features like beard, and skin tones should be different on each.

Also I used the idea of 'rank' metal. Each fuser based on his rank has the following metallic colors in his uniform:

  • Rank 1: Silver
  • Rank 2: Gold
  • Rank 3: Red

IMG 2091 min IMG 2094 min IMG 2095 min IMG 2096 min

Here is how the miniatures were originally painted

dwarven fuser rank1 1 min dwarven fuser rank1 2 min dwarven fuser rank2 1 min dwarven fuser rank2 2 min dwarven fuser rank3 1 min dwarven fuser rank3 2 min dwarven fusers min

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