Abandoned Fortress - Tileset for DnD and RPG games

Handmade tileset for Dungeons and Dragons and other RPG games.

"Abandoned Fortress" is a tile project intended for RPG board gamers.

The set is consists of 102 pieces, totalling an area of 778 square inches.

All pieces are handmade and painted, using as material styrofoam and acrylic paints. All pieces have been applied with a matt varnish for better colour protection and more resistant to handling.

The layout above is just a suggestion... the pieces can be combined in various ways.

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A large piece of marble floor (11x5). It can be used for example as the King's Hall or in general the main area of an establishment: tile-11x5

A 7x3 floor for the lower dungeon levels, as it contains a crack revealing a flow of lava underneath. And also a small blood pool (A Dungeon is not a merry place): 7x3-lava-tile

A 7x2 floor piece, heavily battered and with blood stains: 7x2-tile

A relatively preserved floor - 5x6: 6x5-tile

A red-tile floor (4x5), also well-preserved, with only dirty water stains: 5x4-red-brick-style

A heavily battered tile (4x5), with bits of green lichen mud. Can be used for outdoor floors or deep dungeon floor with moisture: 5x4-tile

A relatively well-preserved floor (4x5): 5x4-tile

A heavily battered stone floor (4x5), with blood stains: 5x4-tile

A stone floor (5x3) with mud steins, heavily battered: Tile-5x3

well-preserved stone-tile floor (5x3) with a rock that fell that caused killing: Tile-5x3

A stone-tile 5x3 floor well-preserved: tile-5x3

A heavily battered floor (2x5): tile-5x2

An almost 4x4 floor of green-stone tile with dirty water steins: tile-4x4

A stone-tile floor (4x4), relatively well-preserved. Includes blood stains, and faint lichen colouring: tile-4x4

A more battered floor (4x4) with blood steins and more intense lichen colour. Can be used as outdoors floor or in heavy moisture dungeon areas: tile-4x4

A stone-tile floor (4x4) with bit of grass that have seen heavy battle. Someone tried to escape the battle spot: tile-4x4

A 4x4 well-preserved two-colour tile floor: tile-4x4

A 4x4 stone tile floor not so heavily battered: tile-4x4

A 4x4 red-brick tile floor. Can be used for fancy rooms, like a wizard's study: tile-4x4

A green stone tile floor (4x4) well-preserved apart from a small rock break: tile-4x4

A 4x4 stone tile floor, well-preserved with some green grass popping up from the cracks. Mostly for outdoor floor use: tile-4x4

A 4x3 heavily battered dungeon stone tile floor. A fireball has been shot, and the fire still dies down: tile-4x3

A 4x3 green tile floor with grass popping up from crevices: tile-4x3

Two heavily battered dungeon stone floors, 4x3: tile-4x3

Two heavily battered dungeon stone floors, 4x3. One themed with lichen and another with blood stains: tiles-4x3

A 3x3 dungeon floor with blood spot on heavily battered stone tiles tile-3x3

Two 3x3 stone tile floors with mud and green grass: tiles-3x3

A simple 3x3 heavily battered stone tile floor: tile-3x3

A 2x3 stone tile floor, heavily battered and with blood stains: tile-3x2

Seven 2x3 stone tile dungeon floors, heavily battered: 3x2 min

A well-preserved stone tile floor, apart from a small rock crack. tile-3x2

A 3x2 green stone tile floor well-preserved: tile-3x2

A 2x2 stone tile floor. Heavily battered and with a blood stain: tile-2x2

Two 2x2 dungeon stone tile floors: tiles-2x2

Another 2x2 dungeon stone tile floor with faint mud stain: tile-2x2

Four 1x9 corridor floors, stone tile heavily battered: tile-1x9

Six 1x6 corridor floors, stone tile heavily battered: tile-1x6

Two corridor floors of stone tile, heavily battered. 1x3 and 1x5: tiles

Four T-shaped stone floors for corridor crossing: tiles-T

Four T-shaped stone floors for corridor crossing, for 2 inch wide corridors: tiles-T-2

Four L-shaped stone tile corridor corners: Tiles-L

An L-shaped corridor corner with blood stain: L tile with blood

Eight more L-shaped corridor corners: 8 L shaped

Two L-shaped corridor corners with fain mud stains: L with mud

Five 1x2 stone corridor pieces heavily battered 2x1

Two 1x2 stone corridors with mud and blood stains: 2x1 themed min

Ten 1x1 pieces of heavily battered stone. Can be used to give irregular shapes and binding to the rest of the tileset. 1x1 min

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